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07 Sep 2020, 10:34


If I update a form it seems my PDF stream is gone.
Is there a possibility to ignore to update the pe:documentViewer ?

How can I do this?

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											<pe:documentViewer id="generatedPdf"
												style="height: 83vh; width: 100%" zoom="65" cache="false"
												value="#{generatePdfDocumentDesignerController.pdfFile}" />
After update also the PDF document Viewer I got:
Unexpected server response (500) while retrieving PDF "http://localhost:8080/javax.faces.resou ... Myfile.pdf"
If I refresh the whole page again, the PDF is working fine
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07 Sep 2020, 14:34

Did you try it with cache="true" ? And no there is no way to "exclude" a component from update="@form". You would have to selectively update the items around it and not update the whole form.
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