Advice wanted: Going server-side or client-side with PrimeNG-Table?

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we have a use case to be developed in our application. Before we take the try and error path to find the best solution we better ask.

We want to use PrimeNG Table to display up to 100000 rows with 30-50 columns (maybe sometimes more because the user can create custom columns on his own).

We realize that we need paging or the VirtualScroll feature. Otherwise it would probably be too much lagging.

Our biggest concerns are the filtering of the data. Every column in the PrimeNG Table should be filterable by the user. If we were to download all the data from the server at once, we would let the client do the filtering. So the filtering takes place in the browser / Typescript code.

Our users are very picky and the filtering should ideally take less than 5 - 10 seconds.

Do you think it is possible to filter a 100000 rows dataset in a PrimeNG Table with an appropriate performance client-side? Or do you see no chance here and we have to do the filtering (as well as sorting and paging) on the server side?

Doing it client-side would be much easier from a developer perspective...

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