p dialog fails to call the backing bean method the 1st time

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I have a dialog box thats invoked to modify a couple of fields, but when I submit the form in the dialog, it fails to invoke the method the first time. If I bring up the dialog again and click submit, it works.
Any pointers in the right direction will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Code snippets as follows :
Invoking the dialog

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<p:commandButton value="Modify Testcase" 
The dialog

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<p:dialog header="Modify TestCase" id="tcdialogid"
				widgetVar="testcasedialog" hideEffect="explode"
				showEffect="slide" closable="true" width="500" 
				visible="#{not empty facesContext.maximumSeverity}">
				<ui:insert name="right-pane-content">
					<ui:include src="edittestcase.xhtml">
						<ui:param name="action" value="modify" />
						<ui:param name="testcaseid" value="#{TestCase.testCaseId}" />
Submit in the dialog

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<p:commandButton id="modifyTestCase" value="#{msg['createTestCase.modifyTestCase.commandButton.value']}"
action="#{TestCase.modify}" oncomplete="testcasedialog.hide()">			
Using : PrimeFaces-2.2.RC2, Mojarra 2.0.3, Tomcat 6.0.14

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