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03 Jul 2012, 21:00

I'm using the ckeditor inside of a p:panelGrid->p:row->p:column which looks like this:

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  <pe:ckEditor id="orgProfile" value="#{projectWiz.sponsor.profile}" checkDirtyInterval="0"
    toolbar="[['Bold','Italic','Underline', '-', 'NumberedList','BulletedList','-','Outdent','Indent','-','Blockquote', 'Link', '-', 'Source']]"
    readOnly="#{projectWiz.sponsorFound}" width="560">
    <p:ajax event="dirty" listener="#{projectWiz.profileEdited}" update="profileLabel"/>
    <p:ajax event="change" listener="#{projectWiz.profileEdited}" update="profileLabel"/>
I also have a command button:

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  <h:commandButton value="Next" id="toStep6" actionListener="#{projectWiz.incrementIndex()}">
    <f:ajax render="@form" execute="@form"/>
When I click on the command button, I can see the browser refreshing the page. If I take the ckEditor out, AJAX is once again working. Any workarounds for this? I need this to be AJAX.

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09 Jul 2012, 20:16

If you provide an sample maven app, i could check it. Otherwise, no idea. sorry.
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