How to insert line break in p:tooltip

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05 Jul 2012, 17:29


Is there a way to insert a line break in the text of a tooltip?

Thank you in advance.

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06 Jul 2012, 09:30

Sure, why not. You can use not escaped text inside pe:tooltip

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<pe:tooltip for="...">
    <h:outputText value="My first line <br/> My second line" escape="false" />
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12 May 2013, 20:27

Hello, what tooltip are you using?
I m using <p:tooltip> when i want to enter some code like < it says i m not allowed to. Is it possible to get a linebreak in this one too?

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13 May 2013, 03:25

Just ran into the same problem myself, moessi. I managed to solve it by using two h:outputText tags with a br tag between them.

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<p:tooltip for="...">
  <h:outputText value="My first line" escape="false" />
  <br />
  <h:outputText value="My second line" escape="false" />
My guess would be that you can put a number of things inside the p:tooltip tag, but I haven't tried and don't know for certain what is/isn't supported.

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17 May 2013, 18:21

This is the extensions forum for pe:tooltip. If you use p:tooltip, use the core forum...

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12 Jun 2013, 08:06

It works with <p:tooltip> too if the "p" is defined as 'xmlns:p=""' which is your case, I think.
Just put <h:outputText> into your tooltip as suggested above by Oleg.

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