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Hello All,
I am trying to use <p-inputMask in my angular app, I need to inject some html aria-* attribute to it's child <input type=text element, so that my disabled user get speech prompt for that. But it's not reflecting in child element, any idea how to achieve that?

My HTML Code

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<p-inputMask *ngIf="elementData.definition.mask"
                         [attr.size]="parseDetails(elementData.definition.details, 'size')"
                         [attr.maxlength]="parseDetails(elementData.definition.details, 'maxLength')"
My Ouput HTML

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         class="ui-inputtext-postal-code ng-valid ng-touched ng-dirty" 
         ng-reflect-ng-class="[object Object]" 
         ng-reflect-mask="a9a 9a9" 
         ng-reflect-placeholder="a9a 9a9" 
         ng-reflect-model="" id="56092" 
        aria-label="Postal code">
                    <input pinputtext="" 
                                 ng-reflect-value="f4f 4f4" 
                                 placeholder="a9a 9a9" 
                                 class="ui-inputtext ui-corner-all ui-state-default ui-widget">
Please let me know how to pass attributes into the dynamically created child input element.

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