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17 Jul 2017, 05:19

hi Primefaces
I'm using pf 5.3, i'm using default command component to handle user bahaviour when user hit enter key button. My requirement is user must hit to a positive button (like Next/Yes/OK/...) in that case. it work fine with normal form but not for dialog with no form or input.
That's dialog that just show one message with two button yes/no. user hit yes we just hide that dialog so which mean no need server-side dialog here.
Any suggestion for this case?

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17 Jul 2017, 10:11

Yep, thats true.
Check line 20 here: ... command.js

We can probably make it configurable to allow configuration of the container. e.g.:


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<p:defaultCommand container="@form" />

Your dialog:

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<p:defaultCommand container="myDialog" />
Feel free to create a feature request.
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18 Jul 2017, 05:04

Thanks @tandraschko
For moment i will overwrite that feature on Primefaces
Another thing, why we have to focus on input in order to use Enter key (by DefaultCommand), if i just open the page and press enter, notthing happen. I've tested on Chrome (latest).

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