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12 Jan 2018, 17:39

I have an application, which uses PrimeNG Tree component. Tree nodes respond to the onNodeExpand event.

In PrimeNG with Angular 5.1 it works with no issues. After the recent upgrade to Angular 5.2, the onNodeExpand event works correctly, when I run Angular CLI build in development mode, but when in production mode, I get the following script error when trying to expand a tree node - obviously this breaks the functionality of the application:
main.ec7f40aac8f37f040c0c.bundle.js:1 ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property 'PropertyName' of undefined
at e.onNodeExpand (7.f4673c91916fa089f4c3.chunk.js:1)
at Object.handleEvent (7.f4673c91916fa089f4c3.chunk.js:1)
at Object.handleEvent (main.ec7f40aac8f37f040c0c.bundle.js:1)
at Object.handleEvent (main.ec7f40aac8f37f040c0c.bundle.js:1)
at Gi (main.ec7f40aac8f37f040c0c.bundle.js:1)
at main.ec7f40aac8f37f040c0c.bundle.js:1
at t.object.o [as _next] (main.ec7f40aac8f37f040c0c.bundle.js:1)
at t.__tryOrUnsub (main.ec7f40aac8f37f040c0c.bundle.js:1)
at (main.ec7f40aac8f37f040c0c.bundle.js:1)
at t._next (main.ec7f40aac8f37f040c0c.bundle.js:1)

I'm curious if anyone else has seen this error. I don't think it's an application issue, since it's worked fine since Angular 2 and PrimeNG 2.
Pawel Zmarlicki
Angular 8; PrimeNG 8

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