How to use Login Page?

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18 Jan 2018, 13:51

There is a login page but it is static.
I can create a new component for login page.
But I don't know how should I configure router so "/login" will show only login page.

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29 Jan 2018, 10:01

-create login.component.ts
-add template or templateUrl for login html
-add LoginComponent in app.module.ts
-add path and LoginComponent in app.routes.ts
If you want, you can add to menu(

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26 May 2018, 15:47

Ok, thanks. But, how render a page without menu?!

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12 Jun 2018, 20:42

Same issue.

I can set up a component and inject it, but then it no longer stands alone and shares the page with header/breadcrumb/footer - but the page itself has its own header, etc.

The themes (including Apollo NG, the one I bought) all have these wonderful pages that show up in demo and don't have anything behind them (they are completely static) and there is absolutely no documentation on their expected use. I have spent days on Google and YouTube and scrubbed this site thoroughly. Fairly new to this technology, so I might be missing something basic that everyone expects does not need explanation, but with no typescript backing, it is not intuitive how to use the pages in the demo sections of these themes.

If we can get a hint on the expected use from the developers, I would really appreciate it.
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Hello all.. did you solve this issue? I am struggling with removing the menu and topbar from my login page. Thanks for sharing if you already solve this... / JP

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11 Dec 2018, 08:35


Same problem here... beautiful pages (login for instance)... no documentation on how to use them.


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Same problem here :?:

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Good night!

I also have the same problem. I can not use the login screen .... please help someone with a tutorial.


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07 May 2019, 21:58

any luck?

struggling with same issue.

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