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I am using 2 primefaces datatable to show the data. It try to update the second datatable when clicking the link on the first datatable. Basically, I have to refresh the browser manually in order to show the latest data. I change to h:dataTable, It worked like a charm.
The following is my source code. I hope the primefaces team can look into this bug. Thanks

<h:form id="viewGruopForm">
<p:layout style="width:950px;height:600px;">
<p:layoutUnit id="groupOwnLayout" position="left" width="480" resizable="true" minWidth="200" maxWidth="500">
<h:inputHidden value="#{PrivGroupBean.privGroupNameListViewInit}" />

<p:dataTable var="unitGroup" value="#{PrivGroupBean.privGroupNameList}" scrollable="true"
selection="#{PrivGroupBean.selectedGroups}" style="width:450px" height="200">

<p:column selectionMode="multiple" />

<p:column headerText="Group you own">
<h:outputText value="#{unitGroup.privGroupName}"/>

<p:commandLink actionListener="#{PrivGroupBean.loadPrivGroup}" value="Browser" update="privGroupDataTable">
<f:attribute name="vPrivGroupSeq" value="#{unitGroup.privGroupSeq}" />
<f:attribute name="vOwnerId" value="#{unitGroup.ownerId}" />


<p:layoutUnit position="center">

<p:dataTable id="privGroupDataTable" var="unitUser" value="#{PrivGroupBean.privGroupUserList}" scrollable="true"
selection="#{PrivGroupBean.selectedUsers}" style="width:200px">

<p:column selectionMode="multiple" />

<p:column headerText="#{PrivGroupBean.privGroupName}">
<h:outputText value="#{unitUser.userName}"/>



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