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13 Jun 2018, 23:03


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Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

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line 924

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Facing the same issue.
Did you find a fix?

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I did not find a fix and unfortunately, I don't expect to. As a result, I simply stopped using PrimeNG. Before Angular Material, PrimeNG made a lot of sense for my projects. But their components are cumbersome & poorly (un)supported and the documentation is pretty horrible. I don't mean to insult the PrimeNG solution - I think it has a lot of potential and I have definitely found it to be useful at times. And perhaps the paid version is better?? But the documentation is almost always unnecessarily over-complicated, while still somehow failing to fully document proper usage. I have often found the documentation to be very out-dated - not matching current releases of the package, or even of Angular itself. In fact, as of very recently (at least up until June of 2018), it STILL referenced "angular2" imports instead of "@angular" in some places - which is crazy considering how long ago Angular transitioned to the "@angular" namespace.

Overall, I like PrimeNG and I have recommended it to colleagues. But they need to step up their game with testing & documentation. They obviously have a good design team and they are pretty well dialed in to the inner workings of Angular. For the product to come this far and fall short in this way is a real shame.

For this issue, the export functionality wasn't critical for my project. I only included it because it previously worked on an earlier version. So removing it wasn't a problem for me and the users didn't care. And with the tremendous progress that Angular Material has made in the past year or so, I see little reason to add a layer of complexity if it doesn't need to be there.

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It's simpler than you think you just need to add the array of columns as if it were a dynamically created table and put it in the columns property even if the table is fixed this gives you more control of what is going to be exported when not you want to send a column or add a field that is not visible in the table

Amruta kilache
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Hi All,

I am getting all the table rows data in a single row.
Could you please provide any suggestion.
Thanks in advance.

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Just make sure you read all the posts for any details and follow the information. I have not used this for updates but seems like a lot of people have.

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