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11 Jan 2019, 21:20

I have a Linechart in my project that displays statistics for a hospital. When the user opens the statistic site the values for the current weeks are displayed. Above the statistic are to <p:Calendar> to choose statistic of a specific week the user wants to see.

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		LocalDate maxDate;
        durationLine = new LineChartModel();
        List<Double> durationLineData = new ArrayList<>();

		// Gets the Data for the specific week from DB
        if(calendarFrom != null | calendarTo != null) {
            maxDate = calendarTo.toInstant().atZone(ZoneId.systemDefault()).toLocalDate();
            durationLineData = statisticsManager.getAverageEmergencySessionDurationPerDay
        } else {
            maxDate =;
            durationLineData = statisticsManager.getAverageEmergencySessionDurationPerDay
        int size = durationLineData.size();
        LineChartSeries lineChart = new LineChartSeries();
        long days = 0;
        for(int i = 0; i < size; i++){
            if(days < 7) {
                lineChart.set(maxDate.minusDays(days), durationLineData.get(i));
            } else {
                lineChart.set(maxDate, durationLineData.get(i));


        DateAxis axis = new DateAxis();
        axis.setTickFormat("%#d %b, %y");
        durationLine.getAxes().put(AxisType.X, axis);

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            <p:panel styleClass="center" style="margin-top: 50px;border-color: white">

                <div style="display: block; margin-left: auto;margin-right: auto; width: 60%">
                    <h:panelGrid columns="8" cellpadding="5"  style="margin-bottom: 20px">
                        <p:outputLabel for="from" value="Von:" />
                        <p:calendar id="from" value="#{durationChartBean.calendarFrom}" locale="de" navigator="true"
                                    pattern="dd-MM-yyyy"  mask="true" onchange=""/>
                        <p:outputLabel for="to" value=" bis "/>
                        <p:calendar id="to" value="#{durationChartBean.calendarTo}" locale="de" navigator="true"
                                    pattern="dd-MM-yyyy" mindate="#{durationChartBean.calendarFrom}" mask="true"/>
                        <p:commandButton type="submit" icon="ui-icon-search" action="#{durationChartBean.updateCharts}"

                <p:tabView styleClass="tabView">
                    <p:tab title="#{msg['average']}">
                        <p:chart  type="line" model="#{durationChartBean.dateModel}" style="height: 450px;width: 750px"/>
                    <p:tab title="#{msg['ambulance']}">
                        <p:chart type="bar" model="#{durationChartBean.durationBar}" style="height: 450px;width: 750px"/>

At the beginning the chart displays the correct 7 dates from now to the date 7 days ago:

When I choose a new week the first x value is the first date I selected but the last x value is still the current date:

What did I do wrong that the current date is always the maximum?

PS: when I update the chart, the java method above is called again, the max value is also correctly set

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12 Jan 2019, 15:52

I would clone this project and put together a small reproducible test case so developers can debug it:
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