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16 Apr 2019, 17:10


Have converted a number of charts over from the older version and re-implemented them with the new Chart.js components. Am really pleased with the charts themselves but when I try to print them and/or create a PDF from them, nothing seems to work.

Using p:printer on a chart produces a complete blank and printing, for instance, a panel containing a chart prints the surrounding components but again nothing at all of the chart.

Have tried different solutions, mentioned by others, mostly based on exportAsImage but cannot get these to function at all. I even tried a direct copy of the Chart.js Export code from the Showcase but that also fails with 'TypeError: PF(...).exportAsImage is not a function' in FireFox, and very similar descriptions in other browsers.

Can anyone suggest a simple and reliable way to print charts? Have been struggling with this for quite a while and whilst I may be missing something very simple, it seems a strange omission from what is otherwise some very impressive functionality.
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It was added for 7.0 not in your 6.2.19 version.
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