How to use Omega on a existing angular project?

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I was following the OMEGA Documentation:

on how to Integration with an Existing CLI Project, and I copy the src/assets,

however in the section on what to add to style :
"styles": [
"../node_modules/primeng/resources/primeng.min.css", //required: PrimeNG components
"node_modules/primeicons/primeicons.css", //required: PrimeIcons
"styles.scss" //your styles and overrides

It didn't state to use:
"src/assets/layout/css/layout.css", // where the file to copy from

And also in the project of the omega-ng, it uses "node_modules/primeng/resources/themes/nova-light/theme.css", does that mean the omega theme uses the nova also?

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Yes, Omega uses nova-light theme and you need to add nova-light and layout.css files in your angular.json file. Also if you use fullcalendar and editor components, you need to add fullcalendar and quill stylesheet files.

Code: Select all

 "styles": [

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09 Apr 2020, 22:33

We just bought Omega only to get the Omega theme (on my boss's account). We were previously on the Omega theme but then it was dropped off so we'd just saved the old CSS but now wanted to update to Angular 9 so we thought we ought to buy the theme since it was no longer free. Did we just buy it for nothing?

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18 Aug 2020, 13:03

Please contact for non technical cases. You may switch it to another template as well considering the pricing differences.

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