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11 Oct 2019, 16:16

Hi everybody,

I'm using PF6.0 and although I was able to stream from the camera in my webpage, I noticed there were some issues with some browsers. This issues got even worse when trying to open my webpage on a mobile device.

On my laptop:
Worked with Microsoft Edge and Firefox
Didn't work with Chrome (I found lots of comments regarding the http and https stuff, I know there is no solution on PF side for this)

On my mobile device (Android):
Worked with Flashfox (I was even able to choose between the front and rear camera)
Didn't work with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Dolphin, Puffin and others

I have the force-flash constraint in false, but it seems, that in the mobile device browsers the default html5 changes to flash. Well or it fallbacks to it. But why?

Is there any special configuration when using photocam and access the webpage from a mobile device? For my project, I need to get it run in a common browser without pub.


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13 Oct 2019, 14:18

You might have to upgrade to PF 7.0. it is using the latest Photocam and fixes a lot of issues.

For example:
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