pe:masterDetail dynamic with ui:repeat e.g.

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11 Mar 2020, 00:58

Hi all,

I would like to have a dynamic pe:masterDetail...
I want to load the questions from my database and generate then a dynamic <pe:masterDetailLevel...
I could have one questions, but I could have 5 questions.
1 question = 1x <pe:masterDetailLevel
5 questions = 5x <pe:masterDetailLevel

It seems this is not working, just prototype:

Code: Select all

<pe:masterDetail id="masterDetail" level="#{wizardMasterDetailController.currentLevel}" showBreadcrumb="false">  
<pe:masterDetailLevel level="#{levelFromBean}"> 
<pe:masterDetail expects directly after that a <pe:masterDetailLevel (a <ui:repeat> is not allowed).

Do you have any idea, how can this be managed?
Just to have a feeling, what I try to do:

Just add postal code and a service, and you will different kind of questions...

Many thanks

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11 Mar 2020, 01:51

This PFE component I know the least about and it doesn't seem to get used very much. It is definitely not designed to be dynamic.

I would require major changes to make it work and I don't use this component so I would not be the one putting any time in to fix it.

I highly recommend to not use this component and "roll your own" version of Master Detail or use PrimeFaces Wizard etc.
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11 Mar 2020, 16:55

Ok, thank you for the hint. I´ve tried this already with "Wizard":

But nobody was able to help me here..

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