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I was playing with the responsiveness of the template for a personal project. I noticed that when the window was resized down to 1024px width or less the menu switches to a "mobile" version that just doesn't work. It's the same as the static version but clicking any menu items doesn't do anything.

Regardless I don't want my menu to collapse anyway, so I was looking for a way to disable the mobile mode for the menu and there doesn't appear to be any. I have messed around for maybe 30 minutes with no results and am getting very frustrated.

If you could tell me how to disable the mobile menu when the screen goes below 1024px width, that would be much appreciated.

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05 Mar 2021, 13:53

@mcandu could you help, please?

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You can remove @import "_mobile"; line from _layout.scss under public/assets/sass/layout/ folder and Then, please change the following lines in App.js;

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const isMobile = () => {
       return false; // instead of window.innerWidth < 1025;

const isDesktop = () => {
       return true; //instead of window.innerWidth > 1024;
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