Production build does not generate the theme and layout css

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14 Sep 2021, 03:47


When I build and deploy this template without running yarn start it does not generate the layout and theme css

This means that the server returns 404.

What is the best way to fix this? How can I add the layout and theme to be part of the build output?

Posts: 3
Joined: 05 Oct 2019, 11:35

16 Sep 2021, 02:05

Just an update on this.

I believe this template is missing the theme file.

I copied all of the public assets into src and imported them in the code, however the following file is missing: './designer/_components'

/assets/sass/theme/_theme_light.scss and /assets/sass/theme/_theme_light.scss

Code: Select all

@import '../variables/theme/_theme_light';
@import '../overrides/_theme_variables';
//@import './designer/_components';
@import '../overrides/theme_styles';
Without that file means that all the components will not have a style, therefore I had to import another theme but is not matching the color scheme of Freya.

I kinda-of got going but seems that my solution is very hacky. Any advice would be appreciated and also if anyone can advise where the find this designer/components file.

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