How to use Reusable Widgets?

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17 Sep 2021, 20:24

Hello, guys,

Can anyone help me to clear my mind about how to use the "Beautiful reusable CSS widgets for your applications" mentioned in Atlantis home page?
Where are the instructions to use the widgets styles?
How can I recreate a beautiful widget illustrated in this page [], the first one in the page that shows "conversation rate", for example?
Why I can't found examples for the template layout styles, just like we can see here [] for the Flexbox?

Am I loosing something? Can anyone tell something about?

Should I find it in page source in the browser? That's it? For a paid template?

Thanks to everyone!

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18 Sep 2021, 22:17


You have to create your own component based on the html / css code of one of these widget.
They are just CSS samples. You have to add the "intelligence" by yourself if you want it to be dynamic.

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21 Sep 2021, 04:22

Hello Paviloma,

I understand that. Thank you for the confirmation.
I'm not searching for the dynamic, but for the styles usage explanations, like here []. Simple, but valuable docs. Reasonable for a paid template. It's not free.
But now I understand how the things works. Everything just as is.

Again, thank you for your answer. I appreciate that a lot.

Best regards!

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