Failed to decode downloaded font

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28 Sep 2021, 20:09


I´m getting this exception in Chrome:
Any idea why?

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Failed to decode downloaded font: http://localhost:8080/public/mypage.jsf#{resource['verona-layout:fonts/lato-v11-latin-ext_latin-300.woff2']}
And yes, the file exists

PF 8.0

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29 Sep 2021, 11:17


Unfortunately, I couldn't replicate it. Could you please try to execute our sample project(tag folder)?

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sass --update src/main/webapp/resources/:src/main/webapp/resources/ --no-source-map
mvn clean jetty:run
Also, if you integrate Verona into your project, these videos can help you; ... t.mp4?dl=0 ... t.mp4?dl=0 ... t.mp4?dl=0

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