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I'm trying to implement a sidebar with the "Grouped" Sidebar Navigation PrimeBlocks. However, when I add the PrimeBlocks-code to the element it overlaps with the "X" button generated by the component and doesn't appear to have the same width either. See attached excerpt of code and image.

Code: Select all

<p-sidebar [(visible)]="display">
    [PrimeBlocks-code copied from the PrimeBlocks-page]

The PrimeBlocks-code works fine if I omit <p-sidebar> but then I lose access to the Sidebar component properties from PrimeNG.

My questions is: What's the expected way of utilizing the PrimeBlocks in my case if I want to keep the <p-sidebar> component?

I'm using:
Angular 14.0.1
PrimeFlex 3.2.1
PrimeIcons 5.0.0
PrimeNG 14.1.1


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You should take the blocks from the code section and use them.
Then of course you can make customizations. The sign x you have shown is not available in our blocks.

If you want to do customization, you should make your codes appropriately in accordance with visuality and functionality.


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